Truck Bed Liners vs. Truck Bed Carpets: Advice From Your Long Island Truck Experts

Truck Bed Liners vs. Truck Bed Carpets: Advice From Your Long Island Truck Experts

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Every owner of a truck in Long Island, NY knows how quickly the bed of the truck gets scratched and damaged from cargo and the elements. Most people buy a bed liner or bed carpet as protection. However, knowing which one to buy can be confusing. We sell truck bed liners in Long Island, NY and are here to help!

Truck Bed Liners

Truck Bed Liners in Long Island, NY, have risen in popularity in recent years. Firstly, there is the spray-on bed liner option. This is particularly popular with the off-roading community.

Spray-on Bed Liners

The spray-on layer of material protects the bed, while still preserving the original shape and look of the truck. They’re brilliant at preventing scratches from cargo, oil and other things that cause wear and tear. You’ll never have to worry about rust or water damage. The only real downside is the price. Some people also prefer the feel of a real soft carpet or mat, as that can provide better protection for their cargo itself. However, if you’re willing to spend a little extra upfront - spray-on bed liners provide flawless protection.

Drop-in Bed Liners

Drop-in bed liners do a similar job to spray-in bed liners, by protecting all three sides and the tailgate. They’re usually made of a plastic or rubber composite. The main downside is that they are prone to water damage if not installed properly, or left exposed to the elements.

Truck Carpets and Truck Mats

Truck bed mats or carpets are plastic, rubber or carpet that is designed to fit in the bed of your truck. The best truck mats provide long-lasting protection from the elements and provide better grip and protection for cargo. They’re easy to clean and remove. Generally, truck bed mats are made to protect the bed and not the sides of the truck bed. They tend to be cheaper than truck bed liners too. They can be custom made to fit perfectly.

Truck Bed Liner or Bed Mat?

We advise asking yourself:

  • How Big is Your Budget? If you can afford a spray-on, go for that.
  • Are you ok with rust from the elements or are you looking for less cargo movement?
  • Do you need to protect the entire truck bed or just the bottom?

Truck Bed Liners and Mats in Long Island, NY

If you want to buy a Jeep or truck bed liner in Long Island, NY, then use Auto Kicks and our 20 years of experience. We’ve fitted many trucks and Jeeps with spray-on, drop-in and carpet beds, helping truck owners protect their vehicles and cargo. Give us a call at (631) 585-8880 or stop by 25 Raynor Avenue Ronkonkoma, New York 11779.