Top Reasons to get Nerf Bars

Top Reasons to get Nerf Bars

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Nerf bars are one of the most popular Jeep and truck accessories; here’s why you should get a Nerf Bar:

What’s the Point in Nerf Bars?

Nerf bars are accessories for jeeps or trucks made of aluminum or other materials. They stick out slightly further than the body and wheels, providing the first point of contact that protects the bodywork. Most modern nerf bars also include slip-resistant steps.

Safe and Easy Entry

Nerf Bars are accessories that provide a safe area to enter and exit your Jeep or truck. Attached to the bottom of the vehicle, they act as a step that makes vehicle entry far easier.

While running boards generally run the entire length of the board, Nerf Bars are placed below each door.

If you’re tired of leaping into your vehicle or jumping down into the mud - then get a nerf bar!

Ford F-250 with AMP research power steps
Chevrolet Silverado with nerf bar

Protect Your Truck From Collisions

When driving off-road, branches, rocks and other obstacles can collide with your truck leaving scratches and scrapes.

Nerf bars tackle this by acting as a shield both on the side of the vehicle and below.

You’ll gain some extra confidence on off-road terrain!

Protect Your Truck from Dings

Similarly, nerf bars help shield your vehicle from debris on trails and even asphalt. Dirt, rocks and other debris are constantly kicked up and Nerf bars can deflect these pests from damaging your paint job.

Keep Your Truck Interior Clean

Nerf bars can be like a doormat to wipe your feet from dirt and other clutter before you enter your vehicle - so your interior remains cleaner for longer.

They Look Great!

Finally, the aesthetic benefits of nerf bars are one of the most common reasons people buy them.

Nerf bars look tough and add a sense of customization and off-road professionalism to any truck or Jeep. They’re cool and functional.