The Impact of Bigger Truck Tires: Pros and Cons

The Impact of Bigger Truck Tires: Pros and Cons

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Fitting bigger tires on your car or truck can dramatically change your vehicle. For some truck owners, it can be a purely aesthetic decision. For others, it can be to improve performance and off-road drivability. At AutoKicks, we fit bigger tires in Long Island, NY, every week. Let's look at the impact it can have:

The Pros of Bigger Tires

Black Chevrolet Silverado with after-market wheels

Increased Ground Clearance

When you fit larger tires, you increase the ground clearance - that's the distance between the road and the lowest part of the vehicle's body. This can be very useful for 4x4 owners who drive off-road. Many trucks come out of the factory with small tires and low ride height. By increasing the ride height, you can avoid getting stuck in potholes, mud and snow and prevent damages to the underside of your truck!

Improves Braking and Traction

With bigger tires, you increase the amount of contact made between the rubber and ground (that's why racing cars have slick tires and 4x4s have large wheels). That means extra grip! This can improve braking and handling, so you can tackle sharp corners and tricky terrains with more ease.

Better Visibility

With extra ride height, you gain a better perspective of the road. This can be useful for shorter drivers or vehicles that are known for being too low.

Increased Comfort

Bigger tires make for a more comfortable drive. That extra rubber helps absorb shocks, which is excellent for offroading!

The Cons of Bigger Tires

Autokicks Jeep JK with after-market wheels

More Challenging Driveability

Some people can find bigger tires more challenging to drive, as the steering wheel's responsiveness is slower. Fitting larger tires also add weight and can limit the movement of your drivetrain and reduce speed.

Less Fuel Efficiency

Bigger tires can make your engine work harder with the additional weight, decreasing your fuel efficiency.

Do I Need Bigger Tires on My Truck?

A common question. The answer depends on what vehicle you drive:

● If you drive a car that struggles with ground clearance, yes (although a lift kit may be a good solution).

● If you want to improve off-road performance.

● To protect your vehicle from damage while off-road.

● For aesthetic purposes.

● For better grip.

Fit Bigger Truck Tires in Long Island, New York

AutoKicks are experts in all things Jeep customization and truck wheels. If you're interested in fitting bigger tires in Long Island, NY, then give us a call today. We'll help find the ideal solution for your vehicle, providing you with perfect alignment and increased performance. (631) 585-8880.