Why You Might Need a Wheel Alignment to Save Thousands of Dollars

Why You Might Need a Wheel Alignment to Save Thousands of Dollars

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Having all your wheels aligned correctly is too frequently neglected - and it's a big mistake. It significantly improves the performance and life of your tires. Even relatively new cars can have their wheels out of place. By taking wheel alignment seriously, you can save thousands of dollars:

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the angle at which your wheels are set in comparison to each other. It is adjusted by altering the vehicle's suspension. Alignment should be equal on each tire, so the wear is spread equally across the surface on each tire.

How Do Wheels Become Misaligned?

Wear and tear and mileage can naturally push wheels out of alignment. But more often, driving on bad roads, potholes, curbs and bumps can push wheels out of position.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important? - Save Thousands of Dollars

Wheel alignment ensures your vehicle drives optimally. It also helps your tires last longer, as they don't take the unnecessary strain from being out of position. It keeps your car driving smoothly, pointing correctly in the right direction and requiring less fuel to move forward.

Misalignment can dramatically increase tire wear, provide poor handling and potentially be unsafe. In some cases, it can even compromise your suspension and steering components.

Do I Need Wheel Alignment?

New tires are expensive. Keeping them aligned isn't. It's an investment that pays for itself. We suggest, at least, having your alignment checked. It could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

● Improve the life of your tires, so you don't need to replace them as often.

● Improved driveability.

● Smoother ride.

● Improved fuel economy.

How Can I Tell if My Alignment Is Off?

● Vehicle pulls to the left or right, failing to stay in a straight line.

● Uneven or rapid tire wear.

● Poor handling of corners.

● Squealing tires.

Receiving a wheel alignment check can is also essential, even without these symptoms. Misalignment can sometimes be hard to spot, especially when you drive the vehicle every day.

Can I Fix Wheel Misalignment Myself?

Unless you've got all the same tools and knowledge as an auto store, it's unlikely. You should visit your local auto store and let the experts take care of it. You don't want to cause more trouble by making a mistake. However, you may able to prevent alignment issues in the future by:

● Removing heavy items from your trunk to correct the weight balance.

● Maintain correct tire pressure.

● Drive smoother and less frequently.

● Avoid bad roads, such as those with potholes and large bumps.

● Avoid driving on curbs while parking.

Wheel Alignment in Long Island, New York

AutoKicks are experts in all things truck customization and car performance. If you need a wheel alignment in Long Island, NY then give us a call today. We'll perform a check and perfect any misalignment, helping you to avoid tire wear. (631) 585-8880.