Top 5 Truck Accessories and Upgrades for a Better Off-Road Experience

Top 5 Truck Accessories and Upgrades for a Better Off-Road Experience

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Taking the brave step into off-roading is one of the most adventurous things any vehicle owner can do. But it's not without its challenges. Without the safety of asphalt under your tires, you and your vehicle will be pushed to the limit. If your truck isn't prepared properly, you can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and get stuck fast. Thankfully, several truck accessories can prepare your vehicle for the trails and the beach. Here's what we suggest:

The Best 5 Off-Road Accessories for Your Truck

Off-Road Tires

The must-have truck accessory for anyone ready to hit the dirt. Swap in some aggressive off-road tires and you'll gain fantastic traction on trails, sand, rocks and wood. They dominate the terrain, climbing up steep inclines while withstanding sharp stones and debris. A bigger size helps, but ask your local jeep customizing shop about what your suspension can handle.

AutoKicks' Tire Brand Suggestions:

Off-Road Tires for All-Around Purposes: Nitto Ridge Grappler

In The Trails: Nitto Trail Grappler

Light Bars

Lighting bars provide more than just a cool look. When you're out in the wild with nothing more than moonlight to guide you, don't regret not adding a light bar. Dangerous terrain doesn't get any easier at night, so you need lights illuminating every detail of your path. It can be the difference between getting stuck, damaging your vehicle, causing injuries or coming back home safely.

AutoKicks' Light Bar Brand Suggestions:

Off-Roading Lighting: Heisse and KC HiLites

Bumpers and Body Protection

BOOMF! That's the sound of both your truck and bank account colliding with a rock. If only you'd upgraded your bumper as AutoKicks suggested. Upgraded jeep or truck bumpers are designed to withstand hitting obstacles like boulders and trees; they protect your front-end bodywork and interior components.

Bumpers also provide a platform for winch mounts, lighting and D-ring shackles. Finally, they look mean. You should also consider adding skid plates and crossbody members that improve your vehicle's body strength.

AutoKicks' Bumper Brand Suggestions:

For Protected Off-Roading: Smittybilt, Warn, FabFours, DV8


Winches are lifesavers. With a winch, you can quickly pull yourself out of your sticky situation rather than get stuck. Say goodbye to a fear of rivers, deep ruts, deep sand and other obstacles. You'll also be everyone's favorite truck owner if you go off-roading with friends. When they're stuck, it'll be your truck that comes to the rescue! As a bonus, they also add some heavy-duty front-end protection.

AutoKicks' Winch Brand Suggestions:

Strong, Durable Winches: Smittybilt and Warn

Lift Kits

Ah, the lift kit. Arguably one of the most important truck accessories you can get. While factory suspensions aren't bad, they don't provide enough ground clearance for serious off-roading. By adding a lift kit, you'll raise your vehicle's height with some durable suspension that can handle all terrains and gain room for bigger, off-road tires. You'll receive praise for how hardcore your truck looks, while your bones will thank you for the extra comfort provided when you leave the asphalt.

Lift kits pay for themselves too. While other truck owners will be splashing their money on repairs after an off-roading trip, your truck's undercarriage will run as good as new. When it comes to truck and Jeep customizing and off-road acessories, you can’t go wrong with a lift kit.

AutoKicks' Lift Kit Brand Suggestions:

The Best Truck and Jeep Lift Kits: Rough Country, Fox Shocks and ReadyLift.

Off-Road Accessories Near Me in Long Island, NY

If you want to safely tackle trails, beaches, and other tricky terrains, upgrade your vehicle with off-road accessories from Auto Kicks. With over 20 years of experience in Jeep customizing, we're stocked with the best brands and engineers. For Off-Road Accessories in Long Island, NY call us at (631) 585-8880 or stop by 25 Raynor Avenue Ronkonkoma, New York 11779.