Pros & Cons of a Front-End Levelling Kit

Pros & Cons of a Front-End Levelling Kit

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Most trucks and jeeps arrive from the factory with the rear end sitting higher than the front. Unless you’re going to be constantly carrying around a heavy load in the rear, this affects your performance and vehicle looks. The solution is a suspension levelling kit or lift kit.

Levelling kits allow you to raise the front-end of a truck or jeep wrangler slightly to match the rear. However, despite the positives, there are some downsides. Let’s take a look:

Pros of a Front-End Levelling Kit

  • Suspension lifts can go as high as you’re comfortable with.
  • Modify your handling and performance.
  • Improve your handling and ride.
  • More suspension travel.
  • You can fit larger tires without them hitting the inside of the fender or bumper.
  • Fix sagging caused by front-end winches.
  • Prevent vehicle damage while driving off-road.

Cons of a Front-End Levelling Kit

  • Entering and exiting the vehicle is harder due to the increased ride height.
  • Components may wear at an accelerated rate, especially if the lift is combined with larger, heavier tires.
  • Decreased fuel economy (For many people, the increased pump price is well worth the style and ride improvements of a lifted truck).

Which Lift Kit is Best for You?

Deciding between a front-end levelling kit, or a full four-wheel lift kit comes down to personal preference. If you just want a subtle front end balance adjustment, then a levelling kit is probably best for you. If you need a more extreme change for off-road confidence, go with a lift kit installation.

Levelling and Lift Kit Installation Near Me in Long Island, NY

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