How To Notice Power Steering Problems

How To Notice Power Steering Problems

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Power steering allows you to turn your wheel with ease, making handling responsive and safe. Without it, you’ll be in for a workout. Thankfully, there are some common power steering problems warning signs. Once you spot these, then your local auto repair shop can provide repairs at an affordable price.

Power Steering Problem Symptoms

Difficulty Turning

If you need to put in extra effort to turn the wheel, it’s a sure sign of a power steering problem. This can be very dangerous because if you’re suddenly unable to turn the wheel, you could cause an accident. The most likely cause is a power steering fluid leak. If there is a leak you must get it repaired ASAP; simply refilling the fluid won’t solve your power steering problems.

Strange Noises While Turning

Squeaks, whining or other unusual noises are an early warning sign that your power steering pump is about to fail. Strange sounds may indicate a low power steering fluid, but it could also be a faulty power steering belt. If the belt breaks, then your power steering fails completely.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Unusual vibrations are nearly always a bad sign, especially on your steering wheel. If you notice these vibrations, then it could be caused by a power steering belt misalignment. If the belt isn’t aligned correctly with the drivetrain, then the steering will be affected. Replacing or re-tensioning belts can solve the problem.

Old Power Steering Fluid

Although power steering fluid stays healthy for a long time, eventually, it will need replacing. If you feel the steering is becoming tough, check the fluid. It should be red-colored and have a strong smell. If it looks darker and has no smell, it’s time for new fluid. Bubbles may also suggest a leak in the power steering pump.

Burning Smells Under the Hood

When the power steering pump is worn and on the verge of failure, you may notice a burning smell under the hood. That’s caused by the pulleys in the pump wearing out.

What Do I Do If My Power Steering Fails While Driving?

Power steering failures can take you by surprise. Although they’re dangerous and scary, the steering wheel can still control the car - it just requires extra muscle. Make sure you safely slow down and pull over to the side of the road. Turning your vehicle off and on can sometimes temporarily solve the problem. If you feel you can, then drive to your nearest auto repair shop. If not, don’t risk it. Call for roadside assistance.

How To Fix Your Power Steering Problems

To fix your power steering problems and to avoid future issues, visit your local auto repair shop and ask them to check your power steering. They’ll fix any warning signs and optimize the system, so it doesn’t happen again soon.

  • Replace your power steering belt and retention it
  • Replace or repair your power steering pump or pump components
  • Clear passageways
  • Refill with new, clean power steering fluid

Power Steering Repair Near Me in Long Island, NY

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