What Does Restomod Mean and Do I Need One?

What Does Restomod Mean and Do I Need One?

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A 'Restomod' is a combination of restoration and modification of vehicles, usually performed on classic or collector cars. It focuses primarily on the restoration of a vehicle, with non-stock modifications used to bring the vehicle up to safe and improved performance and functional standards.

Do I Need a Restomod?

Let's say your 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle doesn't have the same stopping ability that it did back in the 60s and 70s. What happens when one day on the highway, the modern car in front of you slams the breaks on? You might find yourself in a nasty accident. That's where Restomods come in. You could use a Restomod to restore the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, so it looks and feels like the original but is upgraded to perform safely on today's roads. It's the perfect answer for taking an old classic and making it perfect for everyday driving in the 21st century. Retaining its soul.

Restomods are often more affordable than hunting down every original part, which gives less performance.

Common Restomods in Long Island, NY

We've done many Restomods in Long Island, NY, ranging from spectacular drastic changes to critical components, including:

Overdrive Transmissions

Updated, newer transmissions shift through the gears far more smoothly than old types, but best of all, they have overdrive gears. Overdrive gears allow low engine speeds on the highway, improving fuel economy, noise and motor wear on older vehicles.

Disc Brakes

A new set of brakes offer improved stopping power, with fade-free, moisture-resistant disc brakes.


Minor suspension improvements can be made to keep the car going straight and safely at full throttle and around turns, including strong A-arms, Panhard bars and polyurethane bushing. Lift kits and leveling kits can also be installed on Jeeps and trucks.

Wheels and Tires

With bigger wheels, you can fit modern performance tires - improving grip, performance and lifespan.

Entertainment and Air Con

Retaining the purity of classic cars is great, but many vehicle owners enjoy adding 21st-century features. Including charger ports, Bluetooth speakers, improved stereo and LEDs.