The Benefits of Backup Camera Installation for Your Car or Truck

The Benefits of Backup Camera Installation for Your Car or Truck

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It’s easy to believe you don’t need help when parking or reversing, but the truth is there are blind spots and obstacles below the height of the rearview mirror. That’s where backup cameras come in. For all vehicle owners, but especially truck owners, backup cameras can be time-saving, money-saving and, most importantly, life-saving.

What Is a Backup Camera?

Backup cameras or rearview cameras are small, wide-angle cameras located in the rear of a vehicle that display on a small monitor screen at the front of the car - either as a replacement for the rearview mirror or in addition.

They Reduce Blind Spots

Research shows that backup cameras reduce blind spots by about 90 percent. That means you can see precisely where your bumper is heading when parking and having no fear about curbs, children running behind or other obstacles. Blind spots are inevitable with standard rearview mirrors, where you can only see at the height of the mirror.

You Can Spot Kids and Pets

Over fifty children are being backed over by cars every week, with at least two fatally injured. Naturally, rearview mirrors simply can’t tell you when a child is behind you and audio signals can respond too late. With a wide-angle backup camera, you gain several meters of distance to see if a child is coming, if a child is directly next to the car or if a child is about to cross the road. It’s a no brainer to invest in one for this reason alone.

They Help Parallel Parking

Whether you think you’re the best parallel parker in the world or not, it’s a difficult and annoying task. Back up cameras give you a great awareness of the space you have, which reduces bumps, scratches and tiring parking in tight areas.

They Save You Money

The next time you bump into a small post or another car because you couldn’t see it, you might hit yourself for not getting a backup camera. Repairs and insurance claims are expensive. Let alone injuring a child. Back up cameras are worthwhile investments, whether you’re a new driver or Jeff Gordon.