Mid-April Newsletter

Mid-April Newsletter

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Customizing cars and trucks for over 25 years
Established in 1994 we're one of the oldest  car and truck custom shops still in business on Long Island.  We've  seen all types of trends come and go but the lifted truck and Jeep craze  seems to always be popular.

All brands of suspension, wheels and tires...
If there is any manufacturer we don't  carry its because we choose not to.  Quality, customer service and  warranty is what we expect from our vendors.  The same as what our  customers expect from us.

from Simple upgrades... This  Grand Cherokee ZJ was lifted and fitted with a customized JCR Offroad  front bumper,  LED lighting, Warn winch , upgraded transfer case and  more...

to Major rebuilds... This  1999 Suburban and 2007 Silverado 2500HD are both in for various repairs  and upgrades including engine replacement, chassis/suspension  restoration and body/pain

Accessories if all types...
Bumpers, fender flares, steps and auxiliary lighting are just a few  examples of what we consistently install here at Autokicks.  No job too  big or small.